Vaccination against covid 19 began on the Colombian-Venezuelan border

The protector of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, in the company of the mayor of the municipality García de Hevia, Willington Vivas, and representatives of the Mayor's Office of Santander, led the start of vaccination at the border, as part of the protocols that will give way to the progressive reactivation in the Colombian-Venezuelan zone.

He estimated that this Wednesday around 2.500 people were vaccinated, a figure that is estimated to be repeated daily, for this area a total of 100 vaccines were destined for the immunization of the border town.

He explained that this Thursday the vaccination process began in the municipalities Rafael Urdaneta and García de Hevia, it is expected that from next Saturday the population of Bolívar and Pedro María Ureña will join the day. He stressed that this immunization will be for both Venezuelan and Colombian citizens and that the only requirement is to want to be vaccinated. He reported that vaccination posts will also be established on the Colombian side.

Union between governments

During the activity, Bernal stressed that Venezuelan authorities had not met with New Granada authorities for four years. "The Colombian authorities and myself have decided to report things when they are ready to execute," he said.

He stressed that the important thing is that there is the political will of the heads of State of Colombia (Iván Duque) and Venezuela (Nicolás Maduro) to reactivate the border.

There is a great possibility that the pedestrian crossing will be reactivated before the end of the year, but he asked for patience for that purpose. «Everything points to the real possibility, before the end of the year, the opening of the border. It is not an electoral offer, "he clarified.

“This area must be a zone of peace, of work, of economic prosperity. We have to leave behind the banal discourse and the lies of some sectors and build the future in perfect unity, as we can see that we are doing it ”, he said.

He pointed out that the start of vaccination is one of the first agreements such as the establishment of the biosecurity cordon, for which next Saturday he will install three posts: one at the San Antonio customs office, on the Santander bridge and another in Boca de Grita , "It will be for Venezuelans and Colombians."

Advancement of the work of the border teams

The next step is for the education authorities of both the government of Santander and the mayor of Cúcuta to meet with the head of the Táchira Educational Zone, Charly Rojas to find out how many children are enrolled and where the passage of these students will be opened. , to activate the biosecure school cordon, indicated Bernal.

The official also said that progress is being made in economic agreements. "The authorities of Dian and Seniat are making progress with regard to export protocols, the passage of trucks, schedules," when there are results we will report.

The other point of the agreement is on the controlled and biosecure pedestrian crossing, he said: “We have to assume that there is a pandemic. In that order with responsibility, governments have the obligation to protect both peoples. We have decided to be very serious and announce when they are ready and what you want is economic mobility and prosperity ”.



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