Vaccination against Covid-19 of teaching staff in Monagas began

In the state of Monagas, the massive vaccination day against Covid-19 of the teaching, administrative and worker personnel of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education began this Saturday.

This was reported by Governor Yelitze Santaella, from the Idelfonso Núñez Mares National High School in the city of Maturín. The regional president indicated that in this first phase, 500 doses of the China Sinopharm vaccine are applied in eight points that were established between the authorities of the health and education sectors.

Santaella highlighted the effort of President Nicolás Maduro and all the actors of the Bolivarian Government to protect the people and guarantee free access to biological products that will combat this deadly virus.

For its part, the Single Education Authority of the Monagas state, Yesenia Lara, expressed her joy and enthusiasm for the start of the education sector vaccination day: «The workers of the Ministry of Education are very happy and full of joy for this achievement. Thank you President Nicolás Maduro for your love for the people.

The vaccination session against Covid-19 took place, on this first day, at the Liceo Nacional Idelfonso Núñez Mares, Liceo Bolivariano Simón Bolívar, Liceo Nacional Los Guaritos and Liceo Nacional Las Garzas schools.

Second batch Sputnik V

A second batch of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine arrived at the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar University and Sentinel Hospital (HUMNT), in Maturín, containing 935 doses, reported the deputy director of this health house, José Gabriel Sequea.

He pointed out that with this batch, the second dose will be applied to 795 doctors and nurses, to complete the immunization cycle, which began on February 24 to the health personnel of this healthcare center, which must be placed 21 days after the starting dose. 

Sequea explained that the rest of this batch will be applied for the first dosage to the workers who were pending. 



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