2021 Trasandina road maintenance plan started

The maintenance plan for more than 200 kilometers in different sections of the roads of local 001 and trunk 07 of the Mérida state began this Sunday to improve the road conditions of the Trasandina highway.

The deputy to the National Assembly, Jehyson Guzmán, explained that 001 kilometers will be rehabilitated in the section of local 45, from the border of Barinas state to Apartaderos, Rangel municipality of Mérida state.

Regarding trunk 07, the maintenance of the road will be approximately 234.8 kilometers that go from the Trujillo state limit to the Rivas Dávila municipality, Mérida, which will cover eight municipalities of the Merida entity.

The works are carried out through the Task Force in which the Ministry of Popular Power of Public Works, the Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation, the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, the Corporation for the Protection of the People of Mérida participate ( CorpoMérida) and the mayors of the municipalities Miranda, Rangel, Pueblo Llano, Santos Marquina and Cardenal Quintero.

Regarding the execution phases, Guzmán explained there will be three stages: the first one of weeding, cleaning of sewers and removal of debris; the second of placement of defenses, patching and demarcation. Finally, a third with the correction of edge failures with gabion walls, reinforced concrete walls or bridge repairs where required.

He highlighted that part of the materials sent by President Nicolás Maduro were cat eyes, fenders, paintings, chainsaws, machetes, picks, guarañas, fleming for the placement of fenders, in addition to heavy machinery (payloader, lovoy, minishower, volteos) deployed in the aforementioned points.

The Task Force made up of different entities of the national government initiated a maintenance plan for the 2021 trans-Andean highway in Mérida.


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