Stabilized the distribution of diesel from the Paraguaná Peninsula

Since last March 15, diesel began to be produced from the CRP

From the Paraguaná Peninsula - where diesel is distributed throughout the country - the dispatch of this fuel has been stabilizing with the inter-day supply to the service stations, which are tanking depending on what each vehicle needs and the routes that it must cover. .

The information was offered by the Secretary of Citizen Security of the Falcón governorate, Miguel Morales Miranda, who pointed out that since last March 15, diesel began to be produced from the Paraguaná Refining Center (CRP).

He pointed out that the gas stations continue to be guarded by the FAN, who verify the documentation of cargo trucks and cargo trucks, recognizing that the decrease in the dispatch of fuel for heavy cargo was due to maintenance work at the plants that are US technology.

The official recalled that when adapting to the type of maintenance and repairs that must be made to the production equipment, the plant that produces the variations derived from oil had to be paralyzed.

Even though the supply is not fully normalized, priority is being given to those vehicles that transport food and those that distribute diesel in the west and center of the country, Morales Miranda said.

In Coro and Punto Fijo, the queues dropped considerably for drivers who stock up in the region to make their routes. The most common: Zulia, Truijillo, Miranda, Lara and Mérida.

Since March 15, it was announced that the refineries are in the process of recovery through national companies, workers and communities, so there is no proposal to stop the production of gasoline or diesel.



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