Sputnik V is deployed throughout the national territory

The Monagas health authorities receive the 795 doses of Sputnik V at the HUMNT. Photo: Courtesy Ana Rodríguez.

Vaccines against covid-19, Sputnik V, continue to reach sentinel centers and hospitals in regions of the country. This Monday the vaccination days began in the states of Monagas, Carabobo, Anzoátegui, Bolívar, Trujillo, Zulia, Yaracuy and Sucre to immunize, in a first phase, health personnel who are on the front line of combat against the new Coronavirus.

Under strict sanitary controls and maintaining the cold chain at -18 degrees Celsius, this Sunday night the first batch of the Sputnik V vaccine arrived at the Doctor Manuel Núñez Tovar Hospital (Humnt) in the city of Maturín, Monagas state, to give start of the day of immunization against covid-19. 

This was announced by the Single Health Authority in Monagas, María Solarte, who reported that together with the director of the Humnt, Darwin Moreno; the medical manager of the Regional Health Directorate, René Villarroel received from the Ministry of Popular Power for health, the first batch of 795 doses of Sputnik V.

The medical manager of the Monagas entity said: “(…) we are pleased that Monagas is part of the first states to receive these vaccines, which will be administered in this first phase to health personnel who are in the first line of battle against covid-19 ".

The vaccination day is expected to begin on Wednesday, February 23, with its application to medical, nursing and administrative personnel, reported the director of the main health center in Maturín, Darwin Moreno.

The doctor said that “thanks to the adaptation of the space by the Government of Monagas and the provision of MinSalud, we have a freezer, current protector, thermometer, cava, N095 face mask, masks, cotton, 3cc syringes, alcohol, soap liquid and everything necessary to guarantee the cold chain of the Russian vaccine, which must remain at -18 ° ”.

For his part, the deputy director of the Núñez Tovar hospital, José Gabriel Sequea, explained that Sputnik V is applied in two doses, the first on day zero and then the booster at 21 days.

He stressed that immunized people, in the same way, must continue to maintain sanitary measures to avoid new infections, for which he expressed: “we cannot lower our guard, they must continue - after being vaccinated - washing their hands, wearing the mask and keeping the social distancing".

In Carabobo vaccination with Sputnik V began

In Carabobo, the first stage of vaccination with Sputnik V began for health personnel at the Dr. Enrique Tejera hospitals in Valencia and Dr. Prince Lara in Puerto Cabello, the entity's main sentinel centers. 

Joanna Acero, president of Insalud, reported that the sessions began last weekend, with 300 doses being applied so far. 

He specified that Carabobo received 2.500 doses from the national government, of which 1.860 were delivered to the Valencia hospital and more than 600 to the Buenos Aires hospital. 

He indicated that no incidents have been reported after the application of the vaccine, so he asked the prioritized personnel to trust the Russian vaccine. 

“The process will be progressively extended to the different healthcare centers of the entity. Not a single worker should be left unvaccinated, "he added. 

Historic vaccination day in Anzoátegui

In Anzoátegui state, the National Vaccination Plan against covid-22 began this Monday, February 19, at the Luis Razetti sentinel hospital in Barcelona, ​​reported the Regional Single Health Authority, Yemaira Villasmil.

In the sentinel vaccination room, attached to the aforementioned hospital, the application of the Russian biological Sputnik V began and the first to receive it was the emergency doctor, Milva Lula Malavé Guevara, who has 20 years of service and was part of the group of doctors who treated the first covid patient at that hospital. 

The director of Razetti, Tibisay Triana, described the day as "historic", indicated that with the 1.590 doses available in that hospital, 240 are applied per day, complying with the guidelines of the WHO, PAHO and the Ministry for Health. Factors and personnel are considered in the order of risk for the disease.

Likewise, he informed that the personnel of the other health centers in the north and west of the entity will be attended. He specified that in El Tigre another vaccination room was arranged in the Luis Felipe Guevara hospital.

2.280 doses arrived at the Ruiz y Páez Hospital in Bolívar state

In Bolívar, the vaccination phase for health personnel began, simultaneously at the Ruiz y Páez university hospital and the Ivss Guaiparo, in Ciudad Bolívar. The staff of the covid-19 area was treated as a priority.

In this sense, the governor of Bolívar state, Justo Noguera Pietri, joyfully celebrated the arrival of the Sputnik V vaccines and therefore the application of the first vaccines: “it is a day of glory, in the battle against the virus. The arrival of vaccines is an important fact for the region, thanks to the work of health personnel. Venezuela has been an example of containing the coronavirus ”.

The highest regional authority also reported that the doses arrived by batch: “We have already received the vaccines in three municipalities of the entity, Gran Sabana, Caroní and Angostura del Orinoco. It is estimated that, in the next few days, it will reach the rest of the municipalities, now for all. I will be the last to be vaccinated, the first line is the health personnel and from there it will be distributed in the communities ”.

For his part, Franklin Franchi, the sole health authority, said that this batch gives to vaccinate all health personnel in the Ruíz y Páez hospital, as well as in the Guaiparo hospital and in Gran Sabana. He announced that the arrival of doses for hospitals and CDI of the entity is estimated in the coming days.

"This first batch is available exclusively for health personnel, who are in the front line of battle in the fight against the virus (...)", said Franchi.

During an interview on a radio program in the capital city, Dr. Franchi reported that 2.280 doses arrived at the Ruiz y Páez Hospital in Ciudad Bolívar and 1.180 at the Raúl Leoni hospital in Guaiparo.

Trujillo will receive the first doses of Sputnik V this Tuesday

The president of the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud), Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel informed the group that this Tuesday the arrival of the first doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is scheduled for Trujillo state.

During the special radio program dedicated to the balance of covid-19 in the region and conducted by Governor Henry Rangel Silva, Peñaloza indicated that these first doses will be applied to health personnel who work at the Doctor Pedro Emilio Carrillo University Hospital in the city of Valera.

“Tomorrow we will be receiving the first doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to approach the health personnel who are in the front line of battle. They have just confirmed that the vaccine has left Caracas en route to the states of Guárico, Apure, Mérida, Trujillo and Falcón. Tomorrow the first doses will arrive in Trujillo and he would be vaccinating in the sentinel hospital in the services that include ICU, isolation, laboratory, x-rays, operating room, delivery room ”, he said.

Peñaloza stressed that Fundasalud carried out a census and a planning, since January, of all health personnel for what will be the vaccination process in the entity.

It was known that 1.625 doses of Sputnik V will be applied, in this first phase, in the Trujillo state.

Hospital Centinela del Sur del Lago in Zulia begins immunization of doctors

The Sentinel Hospital of Santa Bárbara in the South of the Lake, began the process of vaccination of Sputnik V to health personnel who work on the front line in the covid-19 area.

It is planned to apply 735 vaccines in two days and in the next 21 days afterwards, the second dose will be given to already vaccinated personnel.

The mayor of the Colón municipality, Blagdimir Labrador Mendoza, said: “thanks to God and the articulation of the three levels of government, today the front-line personnel of the Santa Bárbara General Hospital are already being immunized against covid-19, so that they continue giving the battle against this pandemic ”.

"Thanks to the articulation of President Nicolás Maduro, Governor Omar Prieto and the Mayor's Office, the medical personnel working in the" Battle for Life "are already being vaccinated to protect themselves against this disease. We continue to advance, there are 735 vaccines that are intended only for first-line personnel (…) ”.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as people with immune system diseases and those infected with the covid-19 virus, will not be able to apply Sputnik V, however, those who have suffered this disease and recovered and are healthy if they can apply it.

Yaracuy has 2.160 doses of Sputnik V

This Monday began the process of immunization against covid-19 with the Sputnik V vaccine in Yaracuy state, with the first 2.160 doses that arrived in the state and that are administered to health personnel who work in health centers where patients are received. patients infected with the disease.

The state governor, Julio León, supervised the start of the conference at the Placido Daniel Rodríguez Rivero sentinel hospital in San Felipe, where chronic patients with covid-19 are cared for.

The state president said that the vaccine will be applied simultaneously in all hospitals and outpatient clinics in the 14 municipalities, not only to medical and nursing staff, but also to workers and militiamen who serve in them.

He commented that two doses of the vaccine are administered: one immediately and the other 21 days after the first dose. “We already started today (this Monday) with the application of the Sputnik V vaccine in our staff, of the brave men and women who stand up in this fight every day, without fainting against the covid-19. In the first stage it is them and then we will move on to the rest of the population that we will serve following a priority plan, ”highlighted León.

The doctor, Jhonatan Cabaña, a thoracic surgeon and part of the medical team that attends the Placido Daniel Rodríguez Rivero hospital in San Felipe, was the first to be vaccinated in the state, who stressed that with the vaccine there is hope to begin to end the global scourge of disease.

Sucre begins its immunization stage

The Antonio Patricio de Alcalá University Hospital (Huapa), the sentinel center of the city of Cumaná, received a total of one thousand doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against covid-19 on Monday, out of the 100 thousand that arrived in Venezuela thanks to the national agreement with the Russian Federation.

The governor of Sucre state, Edwin Rojas, explained that they will begin the implementation phase prioritizing the health sector. More than 650 employees of the Huapa and the Antonio Aníbal Domicci Hospital (Carúpano), will begin this stage.

“Today (Monday) we send a message to the people of Sucre state of hope, a celebration of life against death. It was gratifying to know that the vaccine was available in the world and now we feel a second joy to have them here.

Rojas also stressed that the treatment is completely free and any case of negotiation for its acquisition may be reported.

For his part, the state health director, Dr. Pablo Terán, assured that to date no major adverse events have been described regarding Sputnik V, except for pain at the injection site, malaise or headache.

The first dose was applied to the Huapa resident doctor, Yamilet Bompart, who expressed joy at having the medicine. She added that she experienced very hard times in the hospital when the virus hit the entity and for this reason, the injection fills her with great faith.

With information from the correspondents: Greissy Marcano / Gushani Borges / Vivian Ariza / Ivannia Moreno / Rebeca Viloria Peña / Mayerlin González / Carlos Vielma / Ana Victoria González.



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