Sports and recreation mark the carnival in Sucre

In the state of Sucre the XX sports, recreational and preventive festival of beaches, parks, rivers and spas takes place.

In the state of Sucre, the XX sports, recreational and preventive festival of beaches, parks, rivers and spas is carried out under the itinerary of the Happy Carnivals and Bioseguros decreed at the national level and framed in the Plan of the Table of Good Living.

The San Luis beach, Los Bordones de Cumaná sector, served as the stage for the development of the different activities, as reported by the Secretary General of the Government, Karenly Sánchez, who highlighted that more than 100 checkpoints and 3.100 uniformed personnel are deployed in the state for the safety of own and visitors who enjoy the holiday.

During the sports day the director of physical activity and recreation of the Ministry of Sports, Argenis Morales, was present, who pointed out that “the Bolivarian Government seeks with these biosecure carnivals, to rescue the cultural traditions of the Venezuelan people. These activities guarantee peace and security in this bicentennial edition. "

For her part, the president of the Sucre State Tourism Corporation (Corsotur), Argelis González, invited vacationers and residents to continue enjoying the benefits offered by the entity: “today we are pleased to show the world our beaches , rivers and spas that are luxury attractions through this festival ”.

Orientals obtained first places in the Triathlon and Aquathlon

The Endurance Triathlon and the VIII Santa Inés Aquathlon were held this weekend on the San Luis de Cumaná beach. The first places of the competitions were awarded to oriental athletes.

It should be noted that it is the first time that a triathlon has been carried out under this modality in the country in which 60 participants were disputed.

The president of the organizing Foundation “Más Beyond a Challenge”, Antonio Saint, congratulated the athlete from Anzoátegui state Rodolfo Hernández, who won the absolute prize, as well as the Sucrenses Alí Mudarra, Andreina Zapata and Diego Navarro who achieved the victory in different categories.

"We are people with great sporting and cultural potential," Saint affirmed.

As for the Santa Inés Aquathlon, it had 80 competitors, in which the local Ali Mudarra, with the first male place and Mikeilyn Rodríguez, with the third female place, were winners.

For her part, the president of the Sucre State Tourism Corporation, Argelis González, expressed her excitement for supporting this activity. He thanked the state governor, Sucre Edwin Rojas, for enhancing sport and culture in the state.

In this sense, González assured that his team was deployed for the adequate reception of visitors and the permanent surveillance of biosafety measures during their development.



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