Six parishes of Maturín prioritized in disinfection day

The day 121 thousand 74 of the Venezuela Bella Mission arrived at the urban planning La Gran Victoria

During the disinfection day number 121 thousand 74 carried out by the Venezuela Bella Mission in the Monagas state, six parishes of the Maturín municipality were prioritized to cut the chain of Covid-19 infections in the eastern region.

This was reported by Governor Yelitze Santaella from La Gran Victoria urban planning, located in the Alto de Los Godos parish, where they favored more than three thousand families with the purification task.

Santaella pointed out: "we are advancing with the disinfection days, prioritizing the six parishes in the Maturín municipality that register the highest number of coronavirus infections, such as San Simón, Alto de Los Godos, Santa Cruz, Boquerón, Las Cocuizas, and La Pica."

He specified that 740 urban areas have been disinfected in these locations, benefiting more than 17 families.

The head of the Government of Monagas stressed that in these sessions the personnel of organizations such as Civil Protection and Disaster Administration (PCAD) and the Institute of Ecosocialism, Habitat and Housing Infrastructure of the Monagas state (InfraMonagas) participate. 

Governor Santaella indicated that with these operations the sanitation of shared or common spaces among residents is undertaken, but recalled that the best way to prevent the virus is by wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, washing hands and avoiding leaving the house. unless strictly necessary.

He highlighted that of the total number of days, 53 thousand 79 health centers, both public and private, have been disinfected; 20 thousand 530 public institutions; 43 vehicles and 231 motorcycles. 



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