Sentinel Hospital Conditioned in South Lake

Photo: courtesy of the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Colón

With an investment of more than a billion bolivars, the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of the Zuliano municipality of Colón, carried out the provision of air conditioners to the Sentinel Hospital of Santa Bárbara, as well as the recovery of the air conditioning of the outpatient clinics and Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers and 11 teams system to prevent and cut the chain of contagion of covid-19

Blagdimir Labrador, mayor of the municipality, stated that the provision to the public health sector is carried out as part of the prevention of the coronavirus. "We are delivering 11 fumigation equipment that is being distributed among the Santa Bárbara General Hospital, Ipasme, Firefighters, the El Moralito Specialized Outpatient Network and Santa Cruz, the Hugo Chávez and Simón Bolívar Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and Civil Protection."

He stressed that they are reinforcing the climate within the Ambulances of the South Lake area, CDI and the Hospital Santa Bárbara. This last health center was given two air conditioners to maintain the air conditioning in their areas.



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