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Apure held the first Sports Fair Expo

The first Apure 2021 Sports Fair Expo was held at the Trina Omaira Pool facilities in the San Fernando municipality, with the presence of sports glories and the sports community.

"More than 26 disciplines were presented that are contemplated in 40 specialties that are developed in the state, among which are swimming, gymnastics, weight lifting, boxing, basketball, beach volleyball, dominoes, chess and many more", Luis reported Farías, President of the Foundation for Sports in Apure state.

"The main purpose of this great day is to show the technical level of the athletes from Apure, a product of daily training in entertainment centers, which requires a lot of discipline," explained Farías. 

Likewise, the sole sports authority in the region detailed the periodicity for the exhibition of these disciplines. "We will be holding this event every two months, taking spaces little by little to make sport visible in the region, also to publicize the diversity of sports disciplines that make an active life."