They repair facilities of the JJ Mora Velodrome in Táchira

the adjustments, repairs and improvement of the JJ Mora Velodrome will benefit more than 300 boys and girls

The adaptation and maintenance of the facilities of the JJ Mora de San Cristóbal Velodrome with the Corpoandes crews began in its first phase in order to fully recover these spaces.

This was reported by Silfredo Zambrano, president of the organization, who added that maintenance and minor repairs are being carried out on the Velodrome skating and cycling rink in order to improve said facilities.

He explained that this work will be developed in phases. The first phase is aimed at the maintenance of bleachers, painting, weeding of the internal and external areas of the Velodrome. Likewise, the cleaning of cycling and skating tracks, improvements to lighting with the placement and replacement of lights, will be addressed, he said.

In a second phase, the placement of bathroom batteries is planned, complete rehabilitation of the gym that is in very poor condition.

He stressed that with the adjustments, repairs and improvement of the JJ Mora Velodrome, more than 300 boys and girls who make a sporting life in said facilities will benefit. Among the clubs that carry out their training sessions, the Olímpico, Club New Power, Sky and Panda stand out, as well as the Tachirense team of cycling, the Santos Rafael Bermúdez Minor Cycling School.

Finally, Zambrano said that they made this commitment because it is one of the most important sports facilities in the country. "Let us remember that in 1977 the cycling world championship was played in these spaces that fill us with pride from Tachi, therefore, we cannot be indifferent to the requirements made by the athletes themselves."



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