Relic of José Gregorio Hernández visits sentinel centers in Falcón

Photo: courtesy Archdiocese of Coro

The Archdiocese of Coro, in charge of the tour of the Falcón state of the relic in the first degree of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, visited the covid area of ​​the Alfredo Van Grieken Sentinel Hospital on Sunday afternoon and was received by the health personnel who are in the first line of care for patients with coronavirus in this hospital.

The Blessed was present in each of the doctors who under strict biosecurity measures stopped their workday to pray and ask for the intercession of the Doctor of the Poor in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the parking lot of the adult emergency of the Coro hospital, a Eucharistic ceremony was held under controlled capacity, with the participation of priests who accompanied the relic of the Blessed, as well as relatives of patients admitted to the hospital, doctors, nursing staff, orderlies and clerks.

The visit was transmitted via streaming on social networks and local radios, as was the caravan on Monday, May 3.

Dr. Graciela González, coordinator of the Committee to Help Health Personnel and Patients with covid-19, asked the blessed Venezuelan for spiritual strength for all doctors in Venezuela and also asked for the healing of all those infected throughout the world.

The relic that this Monday toured the Paraguaná Peninsula will visit the Punto Fijo sentinel centers with the intention of bringing encouragement to health personnel and the sick.



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