Relic of blessed JGH continues to visit the towns of Trujillo

Photos: Vicarage for social communications of the Diocese of Trujillo.

After touring the various towns of the Urdaneta municipality, the relic of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández this week began its visit to the towns of Pampán, Carache, José Felipe Márquez Cañizales and Candelaria in the Trujillo state.

Through a press bulletin issued by the Vicariate for social communications of the Diocese of Trujillo, it was reported that the ecclesiastical parishes of these four municipalities make up “the ecclesiastical arciprestazgo La Resurrección del Señor, which includes territorially very extensive congregations such as Monay, Chejendé, Torococo, El Paradero, Cuicas, Carache and La Concepción ”.

The relic has already been in Monay (Pampán municipality) and is now visiting the Carache municipality, where the parishioners have organized a series of demonstrations to thank God and the "Doctor of the Poor" for the favors granted; as well as to ask for health and the eradication of the covid-19 pandemic.

In this sense, the rector of the Niño Jesús de Isnotú Sanctuary, Father José Magdaleno Álvarez, pointed out that this route covers a good part of Trujillo's geography; However, the pastoral areas of Carvajal and Trujillo have yet to be visited, which is scheduled to take place after the festivities in honor of the birthday of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández in October.

“I congratulate the committed priests, deacons and laity who have so far made a remarkable pastoral effort promoting authentic devotion in each of the cities, towns, fields and parishes. I am grateful on behalf of the Diocese for all the effort, affection and care so that this pilgrimage is a true experience of the Catholic Christian faith.

I have seen the photos and videos, and in some places I have personally attended verifying the Catholic fervor of our people, the organization, their religiosity and their emotion at receiving the relic of our blessed countryman ”, said the priest.

Taking possession of the Diocese

On the other hand, Father Álvarez pointed out that the coming October 8 will be the inauguration of the new Bishop José de la Trinidad Fernández Angulo, in a solemn mass in the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz in the Trujillo municipality and with the accompaniment of the relic of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández.

"The sacred sign will remain for several days in the Trujillo temple due to the solemnity of Saturday the ninth where the creation of the Diocese, the Trujillo Seminary and the founding of the capital city is celebrated," he said. 

The priest added that it is planned that on October 15 the relic of the Blessed will return to his homeland Isnotú, to then give way to the great liturgical feast of the birthday of the Doctor of the Poor on October 26.



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