They carry out reinforcement of dams in the face of flooding of the Apure river

Apure state government authorities support the work to reinforce the Las Mercedes dam, in the El Recreo parish, due to the flooding of the Apure river.

Officials from civil protection organizations together with other entities and the community carried out actions to reinforce the retaining wall that borders this community of Las Mercedes, which presented a partial fracture.

Ofelia Padrón, mayor of the San Fernando municipality, reported that they are faced with this rainy situation, following clear guidelines from Governor Ramón Carrizalez in quickly serving these affected communities.

The municipal authority added that: «all these personnel have worked hard, until late at night to strengthen this wall with the placement of more than 5 thousand sandbags, weighing 50 kilograms each, to prevent the river from Hurry to go directly to the vegas of this sector ».



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