Rehabilitation of IDUs enhances medical care in Guárico

In Guárico state, 15 out of 19 Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers have been fully rehabilitated and equipped, through strategic investment that has allowed a greater dynamism of the public health system in the 15 municipalities of the Llanera entity.

Among the works carried out, the areas of emergency, hospitalization, laboratory, dentistry, X-rays, endoscopy, ultrasound, ophthalmology, observation room, electrocardiogram, sterilization, multipurpose room, treatment administration, healing area and others stand out.

In this context, the governor of the Llanero state, José Vásquez, highlights that this action has been a priority within government management, dedicating himself to the conditioning and total equipment of each of the facilities to serve Guariqueños optimally, noting that Given the times of pandemic, these improvements have been essential to contribute to the protocols for patient care and eradication of covid-19.

Therefore, within these spaces, respiratory triage areas and some specialized care rooms have been incorporated for hospitalization and provision of treatment for the recovery of positive cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, these being strategic points that have allowed recovery of about 80% of patients.

Likewise, Vásquez points out that the IDUs work together with the Regional Health Directorate, complying with national guidelines, for the application of covid-19 screening tests to patients who present symptoms of respiratory conditions or those who have had some related contact.

Research sessions exceeded 6 million queries

More than 6 million 461 thousand screening consultations have been carried out house to house in the different communities of the Guárico state, through which the clinical, systematic and periodic exploration of the population in the face of the covid-19 pandemic has been deepened.

In this context, the Regional Commission for Prevention against Covid-19, led by the Governor of the entity, José Vásquez, together with the single state health authority Dra. Rayner Rondón and the accompaniment of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to Through the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone 35 (ZODI-Guárico), commanded by G / D Carlos Rafael Serrano Duque, he assures that in the region they have assumed responsibility for the preventive battle to eradicate the spread of the virus, undertaking actions such as deployments of biosecurity in cities, together with the medical approach.

More than 11.000 men and women health professionals have been continuously deployed in the 15 municipalities of the state, deepening the attention of citizens who have presented symptoms related to the coronavirus, achieving the application of more than 71.500 rapid tests, which has facilitated the discard of positive cases.

For its part, the only health authority in the state, Rayner Rondón, emphasizes that all the basic health teams are deployed in the plains territory executing the research days, which in a first phase consists of the recruitment of symptomatic and asymptomatic people In the second, pharmacological care is carried out according to the status of the patient.

Third, Rondón mentioned that once a positive case of covid-19 is confirmed, they guarantee the respective specialized care and treatment, in addition to hospitalization and isolation with the immediate activation of health fences in the communities,

As a complement to these preventive actions, the entity has had the telephone number 0800 GUÁRICO (0800-4827426), through which the population can make complaints related to clandestine parties, agglomerations,
speculation in businesses, requests or reports on health, public services and others.



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