Medical outpatient clinics rehabilitated in Zulia

With the aim of guaranteeing free social care and health, the government of the Jesús María Semprúm municipality, located in the South of the Lake in Zulia state, rehabilitated the Arutatakaë and El Cruce outpatient clinics of the entity, with which more than 800 indigenous families will be benefited. 

Keyrineth Fernández, mayor of the municipality, reported that the work at the outpatient clinic consisted of reconditioning facades, painting, lighting and equipment, delivery of medicines, baskets for newborns, air conditioners, kitchen, refrigerator and water dispenser filter; among others. 

Fernández explained that in the El Cruce clinic, painting work was carried out on external and internal spaces, in addition to general maintenance in the areas of respiratory triage, emergency, delivery room, doctor's room, pharmacy, among others. "The provision of medicines and medical supplies was also carried out," she said. 


As part of the recovery of spaces in the Escuela Unidad Educativa Nacional El Cruce, a total of XNUMX spaces were recovered that were rehabilitated with painting work and general maintenance of the areas, among which stand out: classrooms, library, field of uses multiple, kitchen and dining room.  

The municipal president highlighted that “the largest school in our municipality has a school enrollment of more than 300 boys and girls, who are attended by 59 teachers from different educational areas. It also has processing mothers and maintenance personnel ”, she explained. 

In sports, the mayor delivered a fully rehabilitated multiple-use field in Arutatakaë for the benefit of the youth and communities in the area, where general maintenance, painting and delivery of sports equipment were carried out.



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