Rehabilitated CDI in Lara for patients with respiratory deficiencies

The "Dorotea Navas" Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (CDI) - located in the José Gregorio Bastidas parish of the Palavecino municipality (Cabudare) - was 100% rehabilitated, reported the Governor of Lara state, Adolfo Pereira, who explained that it is another space that will guarantee special attention to patients who are diagnosed with covid-19.

Among the equipment installed, a high-flow oxygen mask stands out that allows a person to reach 80 or 90% saturation to reach 60% saturation, "all this without the need of intubation," said Pereira.

It also has ten new beds for patients with respiratory deficiency, due to a picture of covid-19 infection.

On the other hand, the state president called on the Larense population to avoid self-medication due to the suspicion of the virus. "It is advisable to go to a health center, have a respiratory check to have an accurate diagnosis," stressed Pereira.

He reported that the members of the Regional Committee for the Attention and Prevention of the disease in the entity recently found that self-medication has been evidenced in a large number of patients.

"There are many people who trust when calling someone they know who works as a doctor and follow the indications that he gives them, it is not recommended," he warned.



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