The image of the Nazarene will roll throughout Venezuela

Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

The covid-19 pandemic forced Venezuelans, for the second year in a row, to change the tradition of attending mass and accompanying the Nazarene in procession.

This Holy Wednesday, his image will travel in a vehicle the streets of cities and towns of the country, carrying a message of hope and faith to the homes of the devout faithful, who must remain in their homes to comply with the measures established by the national government and keep the quarantine in their homes, a measure established to protect them from the contagion of covid-19 and cut the chain of contagion.

The faithful will be able to follow the different rituals and the caravans planned in each regional entity in their homes, through the media and social networks. Others will have the joy of seeing and venerating the holy image from their windows, doors and balconies.

Guarenas and Guatire

The images of El Nazareno will be transferred this Holy Wednesday on vehicles, in a tour through the main streets of Guatire and Guarenas.

The mayor of Guarenas, Luis Figueroa, invited the believers to place an altar and light a candle after the passage of El Nazareno, on the route that he will take this Holy Wednesday.

The parish priest of Guarenas, José Antonio Barrera, reported that the tour will begin at 2 pm and asked the devotees to "wait at home for the image to pass." It will leave from the Nuestra Señora de Copacabana Cathedral and will pass through the Francisco Rafael García Hospital. El Parque, El Totumo, Comercio and Páez streets, Pueblo Arriba, old highway to Izcaragua, La Vaquera and La Guairita "People will have to wait at home for the image to pass," he said.

Guatire will be able to see his Nazareno at 3 pm from the La Vuelta circuit and will pass through Miranda and Bermúdez avenues, Padre Sojo and Zamora streets.


El Nazareno de Carrizal, Miranda, will hit the streets in two routes, from 11 am to 7 pm. One will start in the central area and will go through, among other sectors, La Esperanza, Villa Fresca, Los Vecinos, Simón Bolívar, Gran Colombia, Los Pozotes, El Sitio, Lomas de Paramacay, Llano Alto, Lomas de Urquía, Barrialito, Los Mujicas , Potrerito II, La Tara, Brisas de Oriente and La Ladera and the other route will go through La Guadalupe, Kilometer 18, El Samán, Santa Isabel and Montaña Alta.

"Although the Churches are going to remain closed due to the radical quarantine, a mass will be held through the internet so that the people of Carriza can enjoy the ceremony from their homes," added Álbaro Delgado, Director of Culture and Events of the municipality.


This year they will not take out the traditional images of the Carmelite Society of Jesus Nazareno and the one that protects the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Rodrigo González Yaguaramay, president of the religious society, reported that the caravan was suspended, given the national guidelines.

The image of the Nazarene in El Tigre will make a tour starting at 8 am, leaving the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Valley, through the streets of the old town and the health centers of the town.


The tour with the image of The Nazarene and the meditation of the Holy Stations of the Cross in the archpriesthood I, will take place this Holy Wednesday, complying with all biosafety protocols, permission from government authorities and support from police officials.

It will begin at the SI Cathedral at 8 am, in a ceremony presided over by the Bishop of Maracay, Monsignor Enrique José Parravan. There will be 14 stations, starting at the Cathedral, then a journey will begin along Bolívar Avenue to the Exarcado Cathedral in San Jacinto, where it will be the second station.

You will return by Bolívar until you reach the third station located in the La Resurección del Señor parish.

This is how the tour will continue passing through the stations: Pablo VI College, North Outpatient, El Socorro Parish, Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Parish, Bishopric Headquarters, Cardiological of Maracay, Seminar Headquarters, Anticancer, Maracay Central Hospital, San Carlos Borromeo Parish , Sanctuary of Mother María de San José, and will culminate in the Cathedral of Maracay, where the Bishop's blessing will be received.

The Nazareno of Villa de Cura, one of those that awakens the greatest fervor among the Aragonese parishioners, this year will be protected. There will be mass in the church of Villa de Cura behind closed doors, but transmitted via digital through the official pages of the church, in compliance with the security protocol issued by the National Executive.

The Nazareno de Santa Cruz this year, due to sanitary measures, will not make the traditional tour, reported Julio Campos, president of the religious society of that town. He said that there will be a car tour with the image of the Nazarene, so that the devotees can express their faith from the door of their homes.


Photo: Archive

One of the most traditional images of El Nazareno is that of Achaguas, which every year receives thousands of devotees from different corners of the country to give thanks for the favors conceived by the Patron Saint of the Apureños.

This Holy Wednesday the image of the Nazareno de Achaguas will appear in the afternoon in his car "so that the residents can appreciate it in an organized manner without any type of crowds and this tour will be through the main streets of the town."

La Guaira

The traditional image of El Nazareno from the Cathedral of La Guaira will tour, this Wednesday, the neighborhoods of the parishes La Guaira, Macuto, Caraballeda and Naiguatá, in a vehicle and without the presence of devotees.

Father Martín Vegas, parish priest of La Guaira, said that he will circulate “to bring encouragement and hope to those who have lost a family member or suffer from the virus, and give them a message of faith in God, given the fragility of the human being and the value of the gift of the life".

With information from the team of correspondents from Últimas Noticias



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