Regions commemorate the 8th anniversary of the sowing of Commander Chávez

This March 5 marks the 8th anniversary of the passage to immortality of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez Frías, who left behind a legacy of struggle and resistance that is still in force in Venezuela and Latin America. To honor his life and ideas, commemorative events and Military Exercises are held throughout the country to reaffirm the defense of the national territory, sovereignty and non-interference.

For Sucrenses "Chávez continues to be synonymous with peace, sovereignty and equality"

As a monolithic unit of the homeland, regional and military authorities commemorated the 8th anniversary of the passing to immortality of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, in Cumaná, Sucre state.

The General Secretary of Government in the entity, Karenly Sánchez, and G / D Pablo Bravo Parra, Commander of the Zodi Sucre, led the commemorative acts and Military Exercises Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez that in a civic military police union were carried out in the El Monumento sector. 

“A man who left this plane, but we are sure that he is found in every action, in every heart of both military and civil men. Here we continue to build the homeland, sovereignty and peace. Let us continue to spin with love the destiny of the homeland of all Venezuelans, ”said Karenly Sánchez.

For his part, the Commander of Zodi Sucre, G / D Pablo Bravo Parra, reiterated the commitment of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to defend the tranquility of the Venezuelan people in the face of threats and coercive measures imposed by imperialism on the sovereignty of Venezuela. .

He assured that they will continue to be guarantors of maintaining the Chávez legacy through time and history, which "is synonymous with peace, sovereignty, tranquility, equality and socialism," said the commander.

ZODI Bolívar marches on the Angostura Bridge

In Bolívar they commemorate the eighth anniversary of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías's sowing with a march. The Commander of the Integral Defense Zone, Zodi Bolívar, Major General Humberto Núñez, accompanied Major General Duboulay Perozo, commander of the Redi Guayana, along with the mayor of the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, Sergio Hernández.

"From Ciudad Bolívar, Altar de la Patria, we begin the march of the Bolivarian Shield Exercise Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías 2021, over the iconic Angostura Bridge in perfect civic, military and police union," said Núñez.

For his part, Sergio Hernández, mayor of Ciudad Bolívar, said: “in an atmosphere full of joy and love, the Bolivarian people in civic-military union commemorate the 8 years of the sowing of the eternal commander Hugo Chávez, from the gigantic and wonderful Angostura Bridge over the fascinating Orinoco River, we continue his legacy ”.

Trujillanos recalled the ideals that made Hugo Chávez great

Photo: Courtesy of the government of Trujillo

As planned, this Friday the Trujillo people paid tribute to the leader of the Bolivarian revolution Hugo Chávez, on the eighth anniversary of his physical departure. In this regard, the governor of the Trujillo state, Henry Rangel Silva, recalled that on March 2013, XNUMX, a true leader left this world who marked the history of Venezuela.

“A man who from a young age understood that you had to fight to achieve your dreams; that hopes must always be kept alive (...) that politics is a weapon to make people great, that humanism is a daily practice that strengthens those of us who do so, a man who rescued the history of our country " , he expressed.

He asked everyone present to strengthen the spirit of Chávez in actions and on a day-to-day basis, not only on emblematic dates such as February 28, March XNUMX or July XNUMX.

For her part, the Secretary General of the Government, María Materano, highlighted that during the ceremony in the Plaza Bolívar of the Trujillo municipality, various actors from the political, cultural and military spheres recalled several anecdotes of Commander Hugo Chávez and his connection with the people.

“Today we remember with a lot of love, with a lot of commitment and with a very varied programming, the change in the landscape of our commander and leader of the Bolivarian revolution. These experiences, the experiences and the anecdotes that could be told today from the historic square of Trujillo are beautiful ”, he highlighted.    

Likewise, the mayor of the Trujillo municipality, Angerson Hernández, was proud to follow a leader who "with his many facets taught us the methods of action to generate quality policies to favor our Venezuelan people."

At the end of the activity "Chávez seen from the memories of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples", the revolutionary militancy together with the members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, security organizations and the people of Trujillo carried out the civic-military march that started at two in the afternoon from Parque Los Ilustres to Plaza Bolívar in the capital city.

Later, the authorities of various organizations participated in the burning chapel in Plaza Bolívar, where they expressed with deep feeling their love for the leader of the Bolivarian revolution. Finally, the civic-military parade was developed with the firing of 21 salvos in honor of the eight years since the physical departure of Commander Hugo Chávez. 

In Lara they remembered the planting of Commander Chávez with versatile expressions of love

The memory of the eight years of the sowing of Commander Hugo Chávez materialized in Lara state with the signing of Communal Charter 001, in Bolívar de Cabudare Square, in the Palavecino municipality this Friday, March 5.

Of the nine Communes that make up this town, seven starred in the first Communal Municipal Parliament in homage to the late President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and leader of Bolivarianism in Latin America, Hugo Chávez.

Followed by the Communal Charter, they posed flowers in a large heart symbolizing the great love for Chávez's legacy of national and international impact: the white ones represented popular power and the red ones the institutional spokespersons of the Constituent power that make life in the location.

In her speech, Parliamentarian Benilde López stressed that "Chávez managed to awaken the Venezuelan people and worked for the union of the Latin American peoples." He also recalled the contribution to popular power with the lines offered and called "Golpe de Timón".

For his part, René Cordero - as a spokesman for the Venezuelan living - declared a poem, the closing of which reads like this: “And to the murderous gringos who swallow their sanctions, let my Commander know that here our hearts beating together with the sons of samán the moons and under the suns, and this year we will give you three offerings: make a Communal City, Win City Halls and Governorships. Long live Chávez! ”.

Meanwhile, the councilors of Palavecinense read Agreement number 73, through which they highlight the contributions to Chávez's political and social system.

In Barquisimeto, the realization of a special session stood out, in which each deputy of the Legislative Council of the Lara State (Clel), exposed aspects of the life of Commander Chávez.

In La Lara Square, in the center of the city, the people also expressed themselves in the middle of an anti-imperialist tribune in homage to the leader - also Robinsonian and from the left - Hugo Chávez, organized by the Mayor's Office of the Iribarren Municipality and the State Government Lara.

In Guarenas they pay tribute to Chávez with planting trees

The Intercommunal avenue of Guarenas, Miranda state, shows eight trees planted this Friday the 5th at the initiative of the Mayor's Office of the Ambrosio Plaza municipality to pay tribute to Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, commemorating eight years of his physical disappearance.

During the activity, which took place in the afternoon, Mayor Luis Figueroa pointed out that each of these crops represents Chávez, who will multiply in each tree.

"Today we celebrate that the commander ascended to heaven, but we want to tell him that this sowing has been sadness, it has been joy, that it has been all the possible feelings of the human being," he said.

Chavismo militants were present in this work, which is an expression "of love and loyalty to more than 14 years of social policy emanating from the Leader of the Revolution," according to a tweet from the local government's Guarenas_Aguerrida account.

In Mérida, men and women revolutionaries remembered their eternal leader

The legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez is still more alive than ever in the hearts of millions of Venezuelans eight years after it was sown. Merideñas and Merideños this Friday, March XNUMX, commemorated the eight years of their physical departure with a walk that started from Av. Universidad, near the facilities of the state company Cantv, in the Libertador municipality.

The revolutionaries went to the Plaza Bolívar in the city of Mérida to honor their eternal leader, in perfect civic-military-police union, shouting in unison "Chávez lives, the homeland continues."

Photo: Courtesy Pensa CorpoMérida

G / D Danny Ferrer Sandrea, commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi Mérida), leaders of the Popular Power, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), the people and the motorized force, commemorated the important date.

“A man, a statesman, a strategist, who made us visible, who raised our morale and, although it is true, rose to a higher plane, was planted in the hearts of millions of men and women who love this land and are determined to defend it even with our lives if necessary ”, he asserted.

He added that the revolutionaries remain loyal to the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez Frías and President Nicolás Maduro.

With information from the correspondents Ivannia Moreno, Rebeca Viloria, Carmen Luzardo, Irama Delgado and the Press departments of the Government of Sucre and CorpoMérida



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