Rains hit the Andean and central states

The intense rains that have fallen in the country in recent days have affected the states of Táchira, Mérida, Trujillo, Apure and Carabobo.

The director of Civil Protection Táchira, Jaibert Zambrano, reported that a total of eight municipalities in the state of Táchira were affected by the torrential downpours. He also explained that more than 2 thousand failures are registered in the region due to the rains in danger of collapse due to the accumulation of water.

Zambrano indicated that the affected areas are: Lobatera, Michelena, Samuel Darío Maldonado, Simón Rodríguez, José María Vargas, Jáuregui, Sucre and Francisco de Miranda, these municipalities are affected by the road.

The Protector of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, directed his team to form a Commission that collects all the information regarding material damage, infrastructure, and household goods to coordinate with the national government due to the heavy rainfall in the Andean state.

In Trujillo state, the flooding of rivers and landslides was generated in the municipalities Urdaneta, Boconó, Valera and San Rafael de Carvajal, explained the coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration of the state, César Fernández.

For its part, in San Fernando de Apure the torrential downpours caused various effects in the municipalities of San Fernando and Biruaca.

The mayor of the San Fernando municipality, Ofelia Padrón, in the company of the director of Civil Protection, Colonel Raúl Freites, and the director of Public Works, Maira Montoya, supervised the operation of the pumping stations that were affected by the large amount of water.

Freites also outlined that the affected sectors are 15 and are made up of urbanizations such as the well-known Llano Alto and Terrazas, streets, avenues, neighborhoods and communities of the San Fernando and Biruaca municipality.

In the El Recreo parish of the capital municipality, El Trillo sector, fallen trees were reported due to strong winds, the Urban Fire Brigade appeared at the site to clear the area.

Downpour left 11 dead in Tovar, Merida state

So far 11 people have died in the Tovar municipality, Mérida state, as a result of the heavy rains that have fallen since Monday night in the Merida state, according to the regional government.

Two minors died bricked up in the El Mirador sector in the Antonio Pinto Salinas municipality (Santa Cruz de Mora) and the family of the parish priest of the San Francisco de Tovar church, Darwin Ramírez, was washed away in the Tacarica sector of the municipality Tovar, when they were traveling in his vehicle, as confirmed by the Archdiocese of Mérida on his twitter account @prensarquimer.
The body of the priest's mother was recovered; but they continue in search of a sister-in-law and a nephew.

Two people also died in the Quirora village, Estanque parish, Sucre municipality (Lagunillas) and three people are missing, including a minor, confirmed the president of the Risk Institute of this jurisdiction, Eudo Hernández.

Deputy Jheyson Guzmán indicated that national, regional, municipal security and prevention authorities were deployed in the municipalities Zea, Tovar, Antonio Pinto Salinas (Santa Cruz de Mora), Campo Elías (Ejido), Libertador (Mérida) Sucre (Lagunillas) and Pan-American Axis, affected by heavy rainfall.

He said they are evaluating the damage to roads, housing and public services to find appropriate solutions. He assured that from early hours they carry out road reopening work in the Mocotíes valley area, the main access for the Antonio Pinto Salinas, Tovar, Rivas Dávila, Zea and Guaraque municipalities.

The teams of the Zodi, Civil Protection, Merida Firefighters, Forestry, Rescue Groups, State and Municipal Police work as a single team to attend to emergencies.

The commander of the Mérida State Fire Department Yaneth Calderón explained that after an evaluation of the emergencies in the Mocotíes Valley, they found damage to the walls of the Hospital II Heriberto Romero located in the Santa Cruz de Mora parish; the collapse of the roof structure of the Church of the Zea municipality; Damage to the roads in the Puerto Rico sector, obstructed at the intersection of the town with the rural road, next to the Quebrada Mejías, Santa Cruz de Mora parish, Calderón added.

The Corozo de Tovar sector also recorded loss of human life, in addition to heavy damage to homes, vehicles washed away by the rains.

The Corpoelec de Tovar substation was flooded and affected the power equipment, the operations room highlighted the regional director of this entity, Ricardo Cárdenas.

The flooding of the Mocotíes River dragged a large amount of mud and debris to the facilities, so it was decided to interrupt the service of the electrical system to the municipalities Tovar, Zea, Guaraque, Antonio Pinto Salinas (Santa Cruz de Mora) and Rivas Dávila ( Dancers), Cardenas explained.

The Comprehensive Defense Operations Zone (Zodi) clears the way to reach the substation so that the transmission and distribution teams can assess the damage.

Another affected road was due to the overflow of the Montalbán river, in the Campo Elías municipality (Ejido). The Manzano Alto road was obstructed, which connects with El Salado at the Humus bridge. 

Mayor Simón Figueroa reported that there are already heavy machinery on the bridge to clean the river and raise the retaining wall.

In the Libertador municipality (Mérida) there is heavy machinery in the El Morro and Los Nevados road clearance. 

The flooding of the La Gavidia Creek, in the Libertador municipality (Mérida) caused damage to the gabion wall of the Ciudad de los Niños Park, these facilities will have a restricted schedule for the safety of the visitors.

Several collection centers were activated in the city of Mérida to give a helping hand to the people of Merida who are experiencing such a regrettable tragedy.

Tovar electrical substation was one of the areas affected by the heavy rains.

Rains left several sectors flooded in Carabobo

Several sectors of the greater Valencia were flooded between the afternoon of this Monday and the afternoon of this Tuesday, after registering heavy rainfall in Carabobo.

According to reports from Redan Central, the most affected areas were Barrio Central (adjacent to Ciudad Hospitalaria Dr. Enrique Tejera) and La Guacamaya.

Officials reported that the overflowing of the streams in those sectors caused flooding of several houses and businesses, as well as damage to vehicles that were dragged by a large amount of mud with solid waste to La Alcantarilla alley.

Likewise, areas such as Bolívar avenue, El Camoruco, San Juan de Vianney and the Juan José Mora municipality were affected by heavy rains accompanied by gusts of winds and electric shocks.

In this regard, the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, asked to "be stacked" with the rain when monitoring a trough.

In his social networks he pointed out that the rainfall record of the last hours is alarming.

«You have to be vigilant because the water that has fallen is not normal. All of our attention bodies are alert, ”he wrote.

He also asked the population to be attentive to any eventuality.

With information from the correspondents: Rebeca Viloria, Ámbar Montilla, Agusmir Guarache and Gushani Borges.



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