Rains generate falls of trees and obstruction of roads in Trujillo

So far they have made tours of the main channels and rivers in order to verify their levels.

The rains registered this Friday afternoon in the metropolitan and mountain axes of the Trujillo state caused the fall of several trees and the obstruction of some roads, reported the regional coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration, César Fernández.

Speaking to Últimas Noticias, Fernández said that in the La Concepción sector of the Pampanito municipality, specifically in the distributor that communicates with the Trujillo - Valera road axis, a tree fell on the power line, affecting two low voltage poles and totally impeding vehicular traffic.

“A commission from the Integrated System of Civil Protection and Disaster Management approached the site, which was in charge of the emergency role of the Vulgar Mora tree that had hindered free transit in its entirety, and proceeded to clear the road in which was affected two poles and power lines for public lighting in said sector, "he explained.

Faced with this situation, Fernández stated that officials of the Corpoelec company proceeded to recover the circuit affected by the power line failure.

Also in the Pampanito municipality, specifically in the Jiménez sector, the collapse of other trees of various species was recorded that blocked vehicular traffic; The Civil Protection commissions carried out the emergency work and the clearance of the road.

“On the Valera road to Mesa de Esnujaque (Urdaneta municipality) we had an obstruction due to landslides, there we are waiting for machinery. The rivers so far have not increased their flow, but turbidity has been registered in the Motatán river, which has affected the supply of drinking water for the municipalities of Valera and San Rafael de Carvajal, ”he said.

Watchful for the rains

On the other hand, the more than 400 officials of the Trujillo State Fire Department are on alert to the heavy rains registered in the state.

Until now they have made tours of the main channels and rivers in order to verify their levels; Such is the case of the La Vichú and San Alejo streams in the Sucre municipality, where they found the normal influx of water despite heavy rainfall.

"We are on alert very alert in the situational room monitoring everything that happens as a result of the rains, monitoring rivers, streams, the channeling of rainwater specifically in the sectors identified as high risk," said Fernández.

Citizen security officials urged the population to report any emergency through the toll-free number Ven 911 or 0800-8785455.



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