Rains flooded homes in Trujillo

In Trujillo state, three homes were affected as a result of the heavy rainfall in the state, reported this Wednesday the commander of the Fire Department, General Aidee Villa de Rodas.

He added that the homes are located in the Aripe sector of the Junín parish of the Sucre municipality, where 18 people reside, of which 11 are minors.

“Two of the houses are of the bahareque type and one of blocks, in which there was no loss of belongings, only flooding. A commission from the Fire Brigade went to the site and attended to the three families, "he said.

Villa pointed out that officials in blue keep monitoring high-risk areas, rivers and streams, including La Vichú, which increases its flow in times of rain and affects homes and fields in the Bolívar and Sucre municipalities.

For his part, the regional coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration César Fernández stated that more than 300 men and women from the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Operational Zone (Zoedan) and from the 14 municipal directorates remain alert to any situation that can be registered as a result of the rains.

“The road to Jajó, in the Urdaneta municipality, has been at risk for 15 days; the rest of the roads are clear with free traffic in the state of Trujillo ”, he said.

The prevention authorities invited the population to contact the telephone number 911 or 0800-7248451 in case of registering an emergency situation due to the rains.



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