Rains cause delays in the arrival of fuel to Táchira

As a result of the heavy rains that occurred in the state and the effects on the communication routes, the queues returned to the service stations in the state of Táchira, as reported by the director of the Fuel Cabinet, Nellyver Lugo.

In this regard, he explained that this eventuality is the product of the complications that have been generated by the adverse weather conditions in Táchira, Mérida and the rest of the country.

This is due to the fact that the cargo trucks with fuel arrive in Táchira through the state of Mérida, which has been one of the entities strongly affected by the onslaught of nature, which has undoubtedly generated notable inconveniences for the arrival of the units, he said. Lugo.

He stated that "due to the constant and permanent rains it is understandable that the transit of the UTC is affected and, therefore, delayed, especially those that come to us through El Vigía, Mérida state."

He alleged that they are undergoing an evaluation and search for other ways and strategies to solve this problem. "We are constantly monitoring the weather conditions to be able to undertake strategies that do not put the people who transport the cattle at risk and thus normalize the situation in the entity."

Lugo urged the community to be attentive to the publications of the Fuel Cabinet and thus be informed about any eventuality or normalization of the situation.



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