Quebrada La Vichú flooded homes and fields in Trujillo

The heavy rains registered this Tuesday in the afternoon and night flooded around 115 homes in the El Horcón, April 27, Santa Lucía and Aripi sectors of the Sucre municipality, in the Trujillo state, as a result of the flooding of the La Vichú stream. .

The information was provided by the regional coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration and of the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Operational Zone (Zoedan) César Fernández, who indicated that approximately 120 hectares of crops were flooded by the flooding of the stream. , affecting topocho, banana, plantain, cassava and milky crops belonging to 25 producers in the area.

He also highlighted that in the municipalities of San Rafael de Carvajal, Urdaneta, Motatán and Pampanito, landslides, stones and landslides were recorded that temporarily impeded vehicular passage.

"In the Sara Linda sector in the Betijoque municipality, a large tree fell that obstructed the road, however Civil Protection and Fire Department officials approached the place and carried out the clearance and collection work," he said.

The rains on Tuesday also affected the electricity service in the Pampanito municipality, where the three parishes were without service for more than 15 hours. Fernández added that the situation occurred due to the collapse of a tree in the La Vivienda sector that affected the power lines. A commission from the Corpoelec company approached the site and managed to solve the problem.

On the other hand, it was known that several inhabitants of the municipalities of the Pan-American axis expressed, through social networks, their concern about the instability of the land where a high voltage tower is located a few meters from the La Vichú creek. They fear that the rains will increase the flow of the creek and this will further undermine the terrain; For this reason, they called on the authorities to resume channeling the stream.

Finally, the Zoedan coordinator pointed out that more than 250 Civil Protection officials remain active and deployed in high-risk areas, given the heavy rainfall that has been registered in recent days in Trujillo state.



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