They provide technical aids to people with disabilities in Tucupita

The delivery was made personally in the residences of the people to avoid crowds.

Inhabitants of several communities of the Tucupita municipality in the Delta Amacuro state received technical assistance from the mayor, Loa Tamaronis, responding in a timely manner to the requests of the inhabitants of this jurisdiction who have a disability and continuing the social protection guidelines. emanating from President Nicolás Maduro.

The activity took place this Saturday, the first municipal authority visited several communities and made the delivery in person at people's residences to avoid crowds due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“Not even in a pandemic have we stopped supporting and bringing aid to our people, especially those who are in a state of vulnerability, to people with disabilities, a sector excluded for many years, who are now respected and seen as equals in revolution Today we went to various communities such as La Perimetral, Calle San Cristóbal, Villa Rosa and Deltaven, serving children and adults who needed our timely and free care, ”said Tamaronis.

It was learned that the delivery was made through the municipal program called "Ruta Solidaria" that provides social care sessions to the vulnerable population of Tucupita, on this occasion they delivered mattresses, one and four-pointed canes, crutches and diapers.



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