They provide medical supplies to the CDI Hugo Chávez in Porlamar

Photo: courtesy of the Mayor of Mariño

The mayor of the Mariño municipality of Nueva Esparta state, Francisco González, delivered medical supplies for an amount of 4 billion bolivars to the Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI), located in the Los Cocos de Porlamar sector, with the objective to optimize care for the population of this jurisdiction in the aforementioned healthcare center.

Among the material provided by the local authority are surgical kits for laparotomy, helmets, surgical gloves, macro droppers, sterile compresses, bandages, adhesives, sutures and epidural needles.

Anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, gastric protectants and physiological solution, among others, were also delivered.

The mayor said that the mayor's office has been helping to strengthen this health center. “Today our CDI is repowering thanks to the rehabilitation we have carried out in the different areas. And we continue to optimize this center so that the people who come can be treated efficiently, especially in these times of pandemic, "he said.

For his part, the chief coordinator of the CDI, Dr. Yosmany Balera Abreu, thanked the mayor for the support provided to this healthcare center. “With this important contribution, we will be able to continue responding to the public that attends this space, especially those patients who are on the list, waiting for their surgical intervention. We are very grateful and we hope to continue counting on your support ”.



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