Renewable energies proposed for La Guaira

Communities of La Guaira debated the bill on the "development of renewable energy" in the country, which is being carried out by the National Assembly, which proposes the development of solar and wind energy as a palliative to the National Electric Service (SEN).

“The energy transition is today a reality in the world, it is about the radical transformation of the current energy supply and demand scheme in the country. To implement this project, it is necessary to create a stable, predictable and favorable emergency legal and regulatory framework, ”said Feniel Girón, deputy to the National Assembly.

He explained that the objective is to provide the tools for a development plan in the short, medium and long term, which allows the full development of these strategies under the scheme of Special Economic Zones, which allows economic, social and energy development.

Venezuela has a potential for these energies, due to its privileged geographical location that stands at 2.300 Kwh / m2 / day with very good winds of 3-7 m / s at 10 meters high, which represents a wind potential that exceeds 45.195mw.

For its part, the creation of solar generation plants is already a fact in the world, being applicable in the central and western regions of the country, due to their summer climates.

“In the Venezuelan case, several studies have been carried out that indicate that we can install 10.000 MW of Photovoltaic energy and 10.000 MW of Wind Energy. A plan that would also generate between 40.000 and 50.000 sources of employment for the country, ”said Deputy Girón

Smart cities

It is the combination of people, technology and creativity to make any city in the world more sustainable and efficient. In some way, smart cities provide citizens with the tools that add greater value to the city. Its objective is to build cities with added values, the inclusion of all citizens in public life and transparency, so that the steps taken by the administration are accessible and public.

"This is the project that from the secretariat of professionals and technicians of Democratic Action we are proposing for Venezuela, which aims to transform each city and each town in our country," concluded Girón.



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