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They promote housing construction in Apure

The Minister of Popular Power for Habitat and Housing, G / D Ildemaro Villarroel, together with the governor of Apure state, Eduardo Piñate, held the second meeting of the Higher Body for Habitat and Housing of the year in the Llanera entity, in order to promote construction of homes in the region.

During the Minister's visit, he reported that a disinfection day was held in the Las Flecheras Urbanism, located in the San Fernando municipality in order to comply with biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Villaroel stressed that “actions are intensified to protect our people against the Pandemic, this action together with mass vaccination and biosafety regulations allow us to control the spread of this disease, we call on our people to continue taking care of us, to continue to protect us.

Both authorities toured the Brisas del Río Sector in the San Fernando municipality and there they held a Popular Assembly together with its inhabitants in which they committed to improving lighting, roads, the church and reviewing the socio-productive projects in the area.

On the other hand, the regional president, Eduardo Piñate, said that «we have presented proposals to the Minister that we are going to carry out in our first 100 days of government, the issue of housing is one of the main ones we have on the agenda, because not only It is an infrastructure, it is the home of the families from Antarctica (…) ».