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Project for the recovery of the Barcelona Cathedral approved

To recover the physical plant of the historic Barcelona Cathedral, 150 thousand bolivars were approved through the Venezuela Bella Mission.

The governor of the Anzoátegui state, Luis José Marcano and the mayor of the municipality Simón Bolívar, Sugey Herrera, reported that the project has already begun with the purchase of some materials necessary for the restoration of that temple that is part of the architectural heritage of the country.

Marcano explained that with the project they seek to have the iconic Barcelona temple in optimal conditions and will be executed based on a previous survey that the authorities of the Diocese of Barcelona have.

The work consists of complete waterproofing, internal and external painting, in addition to the repair of air conditioners.

For her part, the mayor explained that it was agreed with the Bishop of the Diocese, Monsignor Jorge Aníbal Quintero, to start the execution of the project after the conclusion of the Christmas religious agenda, which, according to the religious authority, extends until the end of the year.

Sugey Herrera reiterated that the project is carried out in conjunction with Venezuela Bella, the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC), an entity attached to the Ministry of Culture, and will be carried out under the inspection of two restaurateurs, one from Caracas and the other from Cumaná (Sucre) .

"The restoration professionals will be supporting and providing technical assistance regarding the use of the materials to be used," said the local president.