Presentation of a special border economic scheme

The deputy to the National Assembly, Freddy Bernal, reported that from Táchira a special economic scheme for the border was presented to the national government that allows the opening of bank accounts in pesos, credits in foreign currency, as well as the opening of exchange houses.

He explained that this proposal obeys the fluctuation scheme of the main currencies that are handled at the border. According to his data, the dollar circulates 10%, the Bolívar 20% and the Colombian peso 70%, as indicated at the exit of the first meeting with 13 Chambers of Fedecámaras Táchira, in order to seek solutions to the problems they face. entrepreneurs in recent times.

"In Táchira, what is irregular must be regularized, for this reason I presented the possibility of a special economic border scheme that allows the opening of bank accounts in pesos and credits in foreign currency," said Bernal.

He indicated that the possibility of issuing credit cards in foreign currency was raised, which would allow and strengthen a commercial dynamic between Colombia and Venezuela. "The Banco de Venezuela, Banco del Tesoro and Banco Bicentenario are already doing the expected protocols," he said.

During the meeting with the businessmen, Bernal made a summary of the first agreements between Venezuelan authorities with Norte de Santander. He explained that they are supervising the border vaccination posts in which Colombians and Venezuelans have benefited and it is estimated that in 15 days 70 percent of the population has been treated.

Another important point is linked to the commissions installed between Seniat, the National Tax and Customs Directorate of Colombia (DIAN), Migration and Police who are working on legal and biosafety mechanisms for commercial opening.

“We are agreeing on how, when and where the pilot plan would be. Once a truck or Gandola passes to either side of the border, the six years of tensions between Venezuela and Colombia will have been broken and we will begin the path of prosperity for all, ”he stressed.

He stressed that another of the points that stands out at this point, given the pandemic, is that of the controlled and biosecure pedestrian crossing, which is why the health of both peoples is a priority. "The important thing here is that there is political will from both governments," he said.

“We are moving forward, we are not promising anything, we are building solutions as we go. We come to listen to the 13 chambers to seek among all, favorable solutions. Whoever hopes for magic solutions is wrong, "he explained.

Businessmen they also look for solutions

Maximiliano Vásquez, president of Fedecámaras, said that they are evaluating the situation of companies and the economy of the state of Táchira in search of solutions and actions that contribute to the improvement of the economy in the region.

«The issue of opening the border has been recurrent in the conversations held with the deputy Freddy Bernal and, not only that particular issue, but other issues that have to do with economic development in sectors such as tourism, industrial and livestock , as well as the actions that could be carried out with a view to the economic boost of Táchira ”, he highlighted.

Finally, the businessman said that he is at a point where the opportunities to think, propose and project a new economic reality for the region could be capitalized, with the consequent positive result for the economy as the generation of jobs and the sustainability of companies. .



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