Preparations begin for the Bicentennial Route in Delta Amacuro

The Bolivarian Government of the Delta Amacuro state began on Monday an approach to remodel the Paseo Mánamo in the city of Tucupita - in addition to renovations in other structures of the entity - as part of the Bicentennial Cultural Route in the framework of the commemoration of the 200 years of the Battle of Carabobo.

The mayor of the Tucupita municipality, Loa Tamaronis, in the company of the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) in Delta Amacuro, V / A Euclides Brito Rojas, and the Secretary of Government, Alexander Amares, began the rehabilitation work and beautification of the areas of the Paseo Mánamo, spaces that are very popular with the inhabitants of tucupita and of the greatest tourist attraction in the Delta.

“Today more than ever, Venezuelans return to Carabobo. In the midst of so many difficult situations that we live in, we must remember our heroes, those brave men and women in the fight for Venezuelan independence. Today we are here, people and the Armed Forces. We are all together joining efforts towards the commemoration of such an important date that marked the freedom of our country. For this reason our president Nicolás Maduro has called us to the Bicentennial Route, a program that will reach everyone, that is why we are preparing the spaces for the enjoyment and recreation of our own ”, said Tamaronis.

The authorities highlighted that the work schedule will run from this Monday, March 17, until June XNUMX, the date that will begin the celebration of the Battle of Carabobo with cultural, artistic and recreational activities.

They also indicated that the four mayors of the Delta Amacuro state will carry out an agenda for the beautification of the municipalities - with the rehabilitation of squares, parks and cultural heritage - following the instructions of the entity's governor, Lizeta Hernández.



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