Pregnant and lactating women receive comprehensive care in Sur del Lago

At the "Trina Guerrero" Humanized Childbirth Assistance Center, located in the Santa Bárbara parish of the Colón municipality in Zulia state, 75 pregnant and lactating women were treated, who received informative talks and nutritional supplements through the National Institute of Nutrition (INN) , entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Food.

The mayor of the municipality of Colón, Blagdimir Labrador, delivered 30 baskets to future mothers with 8 and 9 months of pregnancy.

During the day, the team from the National Institute of Nutrition offered the women a talk about the importance of breastfeeding, even when they are infected with covid-19, as long as they comply with biosafety measures.

Fiorela Camargo, pregnant with 8 months of pregnancy, said that “I thought that with COVID I would not be able to breastfeed my child and after receiving these guidelines I realized that it can be done, but complying with biosecurity measures. This information is of great importance and we must be multipliers ».

Mary Hurtado, director of social and health affairs expressed that they thank the team of the National Institute of Nutrition for the attention given to these women with the delivery of vitamins and nutritional supplements, “and for all their attention to the people during their visit to the Colón municipality. ».



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