Popular Market sold cheap in Pampatar

Fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and food in general were sold

This Saturday, April 10, the families of Pampatar, Maneiro municipality of Nueva Esparta state, had the opportunity to purchase basic basket products at low prices in the Popular Market installed by Corpo Nueva Esparta, with the presence of agricultural producers, entrepreneurs and artisans local, regional companies and government institutions.

Adalberto Landaeta, arrived early at the La Caranta field, where all the biosecurity measures were fulfilled before entering; bought fish, vegetables, milk and sugar.

“The prices are very good, the kilo of ray at 0,50 cents is a gift, it is half the price on the street. We are really happy with this market because it is a great help for the people, ”said Landaeta.

Cira Martínez had a similar opinion. "Here we are taking advantage of these prices, I bought four kilos of vegetables with white milk for a dollar, too good and the vegetables very fresh," he said.

The protector of Nueva Esparta, Dante Rivas, reported that a total of seven tons of food were sold, including fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and food in general, which benefited 2.600 families in the municipality.

He stressed that the animals were also treated with a day of veterinary care that included deworming, nail trimming, ear cleaning and application of treatment, depending on the diagnosis.

People were able to access good prices and quality products


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