In Táchira they put a stop to the crown parties

Politáchira officials attached to the Cordero Police Coordination Center, Andrés Bello municipality, detained 10 citizens.

The directive of the Táchira State Police (Politáchira) met with the merchants of the Volkswagen Shopping Center and the Civic Center of San Cristóbal in order to demand compliance with the radical quarantine, which is key to preventing the spread of covid 19 in the entity.

This was reported by the Commissioner, Wilman Rivera Torres, who added the importance of complying with the radical week by virtue of the new Brazilian variant.

Covid parties

In this regard, the Commissioner added that they continue to receive complaints through Ven911 from citizens of various municipalities, alerting officials about clandestine parties that violate the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and reinforced by President Nicolás Maduro and the protector of the Táchira, Freddy Bernal.

On this occasion, Politáchira officials - attached to the Cordero Police Coordination Center, Andrés Bello municipality - detained 10 citizens for violating the presidential decree of national emergency and instigating ignorance of the rules.

“The arrest occurred after several complaints made on social networks, to the peace quadrant to VEN911. A police commission was activated to go to the Llano de la Cruz sector, uptown, where a party was actually taking place in a house, ”he said.

Rivera Torres explained that they immediately proceeded to police the citizens, explaining them about the risks they may have when holding these meetings without any type of biosafety and the fault they committed for violating the radical quarantine.

It also reported that two motorcycles and a vehicle were detained under the orders of the Public Ministry along with the detainees.

"Police agencies grouped in the Protectorate Security Cabinet work together with the regional Commission for the prevention and fight of the coronavirus, to monitor compliance with preventive measures and minimize the impact of the pandemic in the entity," stated Rivera .



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