Plan for chicken production in 102 Clap de Barinas deployed

Argenis Chávez indicated that 102 Local Supply and Production Councils are benefiting.

A plan for raising chickens began in the city of Barinas with the aim of promoting the production of the protein in the different communities of the llanera entity.

The launch of this program called “Pollo en Casa” was made this Monday by Governor Argenis Chávez accompanied by Mayor Rafael Paredes and the popular power.

The regional executive explained that the production plan began from the Corazón de Jesús parish with the delivery of almost 10 broilers to 665 male and female heads of the streets.

Chávez indicated that they are benefiting 102 Local Supply and Production Councils (Clap) of 47 communities that make up the aforementioned parish.

He highlighted that they work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, in charge of technical advice to the beneficiaries, as well as the Balanced Food company Eladio Tarife, responsible for delivering the supplies. 

"This is a pilot plan that aims for the social and political structure to produce protein in the backyard of the house, to benefit not only his family but also the community," explained the Barinese president.



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