Plan A drop of love will serve 100 schools in Trujillo

100 institutions of the state of Trujillo will be attended, in order to guarantee dignified and adequate spaces for students to return to classes.

In the state of Trujillo, about 100 educational institutions will be recovered with the plan "A drop of love for my school" in preparation for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

In this regard, the general secretary of the government, María Materano, indicated that in this school recovery plan the infrastructure teams and the social area of ​​the governorate, as well as the School Infrastructure General Staff, will work together.

“(…) We are articulating the necessary work for what will be this plan for the recovery of the school infrastructure, for a safe, victorious return to classes (…) we are going to incorporate the grouping of the social area because it is not only to repair the school infrastructure, it is to fall in love, to convince, it is to serve the entire population of the point and circle of each educational institution to move towards returning to classes in October, "he said.

Among the tasks to be carried out, Materano mentioned the inauguration of new schools and the recovery of waterproofing systems, lighting, and school tables and chairs.

For her part, the head of the Educational Zone, Lirosbeya Torres, pointed out that through a work table the “sum of wills” was established to guarantee the safe return to classes.

“We have been making an effort, all together, in what is to improve lighting, waterproofing of educational institutions, painting; we have been making progress in what is the cleaning and weeding plan for educational institutions with the support of organized popular power, ”he said.

For his part, the regional coordinator of the Foundation for Educational Buildings and Endowments (Fede), Salvador Rodríguez, stressed that the plan "A drop of love for my school" will serve 100 institutions in the state of Trujillo, in order to guarantee dignified spaces and suitable for students for back to school.

“From the Bolivarian School Eloísa Fonseca we are launching the plan« A drop of love for my school »2021-2022, with which around 100 educational institutions will be served with the provision of electrical accessories, saving and fluorescent light bulbs, electrodes, paint in enamel; waterproofing material such as blanket, plastic cement, aluminized paint, among others ”, explained Rodríguez.

It should be noted that the authorities offered the information after participating in a working table together with directors of infrastructure agencies of the state government, the Institute for Women, Social Development and members of the School Infrastructure General Staff; which was developed at the Eloisa Fonseca Bolivarian School, located in the Valera municipality.



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