Plan 40 exceeds 80% of housing construction in Guariqueña capital

In the city of San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico state, in Plan 40 promoted by the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (Gmvv), the process of construction of houses under the modality of self-construction advances by more than 80%.

In this sense, the mayor of the municipality Juan Germán Roscio Nieves, Mayerling Colmenares, carried out the inspection of the works carried out in the La Guaiquera sector, where the construction of the Villas del Paurario Urbanization takes place with the construction of 12 homes for the same number of families, these being a part of Plan 40.

He noted that the physical progress is positioned at 80% where the lifting of the bases, emptying of the floor and, in some homes, the closed with blocks and plywood has already been carried out. He also mentioned that recently more than 4.000 blocks were received that will allow the completion of this project of 12 homes in this part of the city.

Each house has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, hall and bathrooms - among other elements - that will allow the well-being and family development. This work is possible through the Municipal Housing Body (Invimur), the Regional Housing Institute (Iavebg), Gmvv and government entities.

Likewise, Colmenares pointed out that they also work in the Lomas del Morro sector, where to complete the total corresponding to Plan 40, a total of 28 homes are being intervened to conclude the work immediately and guarantee decent homes to each of the families. Guariqueñas, noting that each of these homes will be officially delivered soon.

As a complement to the information, the representative of the municipal housing institute, Gabriel Volcanes, pointed out that within the projects in the Villas del Paurario urbanism it is estimated to create an underground tank system as a source of drinking water supply.



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