Plan 21 closed successfully in the Escuque parish

Governor Rangel Silva announced that the third parish to be addressed with Plan 21 will be Boconó. Photos: Courtesy Trujillo State Government

This Friday the governor of the state Trujillo. Henry Rangel Silva. Plan 21 culminated towards the heart of the town in the Escuque parish of the homonymous municipality. A government strategy materialized through six working groups with the support of various regional, national and municipal organizations and organized popular power.

In this sense, Rangel Silva highlighted the work carried out by the social, popular power, infrastructure, public services, security and productive areas, which brought well-being and good living to a large number of families in the Escuque parish.

Among the works carried out are the rehabilitation of the Andes Corporation, the Escuqueña Cultural Institution, the CDI, the Plaza Bolívar, playgrounds, sports fields, walkways, colonial walks; the paving and patching of 18.7 kilometers of track; the collection of 120 tons of solid waste, the weeding of more than 11 kilometers of track; the rehabilitation of the Las Palmas aqueduct; the replacement of 45 led luminaires and the placement of more than 120 energy-saving light bulbs; among other tasks.

“Here the effort is priceless, what it has is an important value, but we also have to get the price out of it so that people see that even in the difficulties we have, from the economic and blockade point of view, when all those Efforts are obtained material, financial and human resources from where one least expects ”, affirmed the regional president.

In this sense, he indicated that “if man hours were charged, the arrangement of public lighting, paint, asphalt, medicines, technical aids for people with disabilities, if we get a price from it, it turns out that here we are talking about an investment equivalent to one million 38 thousand 891 dollars, out of nowhere, more than 2 million 225 billion bolivars ”.

More than 6 thousand families served

He also highlighted the actions undertaken by the social area that served more than 6 thousand families from Escuqueñas with comprehensive medical sessions, counseling and training for women, recreational, cultural and sports activities for children and young people, the delivery of home medicines. home as well as walking sticks, walkers and anti-bedsore mattresses. In educational matters, the delivery of more than 500 backpacks and school kits and the repair of 485 tables and chairs, among other benefits.

“It is a work method that seeks the integral, that is anchored in the positive (…) this is a school in the street, in practice and the territory where we are doing these practices (…) the Escuque parish, the municipality Listen, and the entire Trujillo state is a very fertile territory for those practices of those revolutionary theories that Hugo Chávez told us to do, to act on them permanently, ”he said.

This plan will continue to be developed in the parish specifically in the productive area with the execution of two projects by the organized popular power; as well as the follow-up to eight plans presented by the communal councils that recently had their spokespersons updated.

Finally, Governor Rangel Silva announced that the third parish to address with Plan 21 towards the heart of the town will be Boconó in the Garden of Venezuela, work that will begin next week.



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