PC Lara applies continuous monitoring to the rains in the entity

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The director of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration (Pcad), Luis Mujica, reported that four of the ten parishes of the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto) in Lara state were affected as a result of the latest rains.

He referred to the parishes Unión, Santa Rosa, Guerrera Ana Soto, and Buena Vista, where PC officials assisted the population in the face of road damage due to the landslide; floods to homes with loss of belongings; power line failure and pole undermining.

Mujica said that due to the heavy rainfall that has been registered in Larense, in recent days, the Pcad team remains deployed attending to each of the reported incidents.

In total, four were the houses with flood damage in which 22 people lived; ten adults and twelve infants.

They also supervise the channels of different streams located in the Pavia sector, as well as those located in the La Zamurera, July 5, El Tostao and El Garabatal neighborhoods, located to the north and west of the Iribarren municipality.

The assistance to the affected sectors was carried out by PC together with the Lara Bella y Segura Foundation, the Mayor's Office of the Iribarren municipality and Corpoelec.

With respect to the Jiménez (Quíbor) and Morán (El Tocuyo) municipalities, in the Tintorero and Bolívar parishes, sediment carry-over occurred on the Centroccidental highway, La Falda sector; and also in the El Bosque sector the wall of a house collapsed.

He recalled that the bad weather persists in the sky of Larense, so continuous monitoring will continue in high-risk areas.



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