Bacheo Plan has removed 182 holes and embrasures in San Felipe

The entity acquired 250 tons of asphalt to be used in various communities / Photo courtesy of the Mayor's Office of San Felipe

The special Bacheo San Felipe Me Gusta Plan, which is being developed by the Yaracuy state mayor's office, has covered 182 gaps so far this year that affected the main streets and avenues of the metropolitan area and commercial areas of the city.

The mayor of San Felipe, Rogger Daza, reported this Sunday during the inspection of some works to recover the asphalt layer in the Higuerón sector, where 91 more embrasures are covered, which to date more than 120 tons of asphalt have been dumped in the work carried out, which was acquired with resources assigned by the Interterritorial Compensation Fund (FCI).

The roads recovered during the first quarter of the year with the patch plan are Libertador Avenue, La Patria Avenue, April 19 Avenue, Los Baños Avenue, 6th Avenue and 11th Street.

The plan currently continues in the Higuerón community and will be extended to the rest of the most vulnerable communities in terms of roads that make up the two parishes of the San Felipe municipality: San Javier and Albarico.

It should be remembered that the plan began in February with the approval of 63 billion bolivars that the FCI contributed for the execution of the first project of the year introduced by the municipal authority. Of that amount, 12 billion bolivars were disbursed, with which 250 tons of asphalt were purchased, which are used in the present stage of the program.

"The idea is to continue strengthening the area of ​​public services, on account it is a promise that we have acquired and we are fulfilling it little by little and progressively to build the San Felipe Me Gusta in alliance and articulation with our president Nicolás Maduro and our governor leader Julio León Heredia, together with organized popular power, ”Daza highlighted.



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