Oscar Silva: ÚN is a newspaper that is in the informational battle

From its information platform, it follows daily Últimas Noticias.

The newspaper Últimas NoticiasFor Oscar Miguel Silva, a journalist from Zulia, with more than 30 years of experience, it has been a reference during his career, from when he entered university until he entered the labor field. During the national blackout, in 2019, he showed his leadership, organizing a contingency plan together with the regional and municipal government, to keep the Zulia people informed, and in this way generate content.

I consulted the information in the newspaper Últimas Noticias, which he considers “is not an improvised means of communication. That it is not fashionable, it is in the informational battle of the society ”. Silva considers that “the current information society is not controlled by issuers. It is altered by the user, who is confronted with those information that were unquestionable truths in the past, and today they are hardly contributions for decision-making in small and medium social groups that can make big decisions ”.

He states that the newspaper Últimas Noticias It allows to have credible inputs, verified by an experienced team, which does not go to extremes in presenting an unconfirmed version or with unknown sources. Highlighted that Últimas Noticias, which was born like all the newspapers of the time, looking for its economic and political spaces, today it has perseverance. It counted and has teams of Venezuelans who can see beyond the information business and give added value to the final product.

Silva, who is a faithful reader by tradition and focus of the newspaper, tells us that he can nurture this information and generate important social movements based on these well-focused news. It considers that it is a newspaper that keeps the country connected, without being burdened by economic or governmental interests, but by the Nation State.

Each Venezuelan, in the newspaper, is a single character who went out into the world to shout the truth. “We are a rebellious and Caribbean people, hardworking and determined to discuss any issue. Without fear of defending that we are the children of Bolívar and Urdaneta, of Páez and Sucre, blacks, Indians, mestizos, owners of a centuries-old heritage syncretized in colors, tastes, gastronomy. We are a happy people and as such we need to link our reality, from where we are in the world, with a newspaper that understands us and keeps us connected to our country ”.

He comments that migration can become a huge return to the progress of modernity. “Venezuelans have only one country and our descendants will return if there is that historical correlation of the press and the human endeavor reflected there. Nobody left to never return ”. The bond you expect from Últimas Noticias it is the road to return to the continental head of the country.

Oscar Miguel Silva considers that Últimas Noticias it has clear information and its headlines are simple and easy to understand. This has allowed you to drill down and compare data. Consider that Últimas Noticias It offers truthful, useful, immediacy, seriousness, journalistic news, offers spaces for construction, commitment to information, therefore, it has been a reader of this national newspaper for many years.

He is a reader of the cultural supplement, the opinion articles, "since I was a fifth grade student, when I was given a school journalism class at the Rafael Rangel Educational Unit in Caracas."

Silva highlighted the easy access that the web portal has, its fast connection to find the links and very colorful.

"I like the website that you don't have to wait long for it to download, as well as the extension of its works, which are adequate."

100% digital

The journalist Oscar Miguel Silva graduated from the University of Zulia in 1993. He is currently the regional director of Radio Nacional de Venezuela, a communications advisor, with extensive experience in regional print media, and an advisor on managing the use of digital platforms. He considers himself a digital navigator and in this pandemic he tries to understand how the new communication works with the expectation of generational change.

In picture, the journalist Oscar Miguel Silva


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