They optimize digitized passage with the sale of 5.000 cards in Falcón

Five thousand cards for the digitized payment of public transport has been sold by the company Transfalcón in the Miranda municipality (Coro), in order to optimize the ticket cancellation system in the transport units.

With the proposal to consolidate the new digital era and provide a quality service, a sales schedule has been established through community conferences, which have been deployed in 14 popular sectors of the capital city of the state Falcón.

The information was provided by Reinaldo Chirinos, president of said institution, who also pointed out that these activities are carried out to optimize public transport service in the entity, he also indicated that they are carried out efficiently thanks to the support of the state government.

Chirinos clarified that these cards can be used in public transport as well as in private, which have been affiliated to this modern digitalized charging mechanism, in turn emphasizing that the goal is to reach 100 fully operational units by the end of the year on the different urban and suburban routes.



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