Nutritional vulnerability plan has assisted 6.000 children

The 25 municipalities will benefit from this nutrition plan.

The Falcón State Secretary of Health, through the agreement established by the regional government and the United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children (UNICEF), received a second supply of supplies to comply with the Nutritional Vulnerability Plan in the entity .

Dr. Jesús Osteicochea, secretary of state health, indicated that the purpose of the projects presented to Unicef ​​is to bring medical supplies to each of the popular sectors of the Falcón state; as well as continue with nutritional screening in children under five years of age and prenatally, according to a press release from the Government.

He added the Falconian doctor, who will continue to provide nutritional supplements to children and adolescents, specifying that more than 6 thousand children have been treated, of which 200 children with weight deficit have been detected; He said that 60% of the children are already recovered, he stressed. Likewise, deworming days will continue to be carried out in infants.

Osteicochea detailed, that they are receiving 120 thousand bars for patients who have a deficit; in the same way for prenatals, as well as weights, height meters that will reinforce the diagnostic methods in each of the network's outpatient centers at the regional level. 

He announced that the current week will continue to be deployed in the municipalities Colina, Petit, Falcón, Unión and Federación, to add, all 25 municipalities will be benefited with this plan that is carried out in a forceful way by Governor Víctor Clark, through the Secretariat of health in the entity.



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