Underwater museum in Pampatar will exhibit sculpture of the Virgen del Valle

16 sculptors work on the works of the marine museum. Photos: courtesy Angélica Villarroel

The underwater museum project carried out by the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture in alliance with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and tour operators of Nueva Esparta, already has 12 sculptures of the 20 that are going to be submerged in the coast of Pampatar.

This was announced by Héctor Casanova, director of Culture of the Nueva Esparta state, from the workshop located in the Pampatar dock, in which 16 sculptors, 15 Margariteños and one foreigner, carry out their work in limestone, marble and other materials suitable for the seabed and to promote the formation of coral reefs.

Among the works that are being carried out for what will be the first underwater museum in South America, is the sculpture of the Virgin of the Valley, 6 meters high by 3 meters wide, made by the Italian sculptor Pippo Carozetti, who stated that the work is called " Tribute to the Fishermen ”. "It is for them to have a miraculous catch," he said.

The Director of Culture called on all neo-Sparta businessmen to join this initiative that emerged from Admiral José Aurelio Fleitas Gorrín during his tenure as commander of the Nueva Esparta Comprehensive Defense Zone, which he continues to support from the second command of the Bolivarian National Militia.

"This is a beautiful project that will bring great benefits to the island of Margarita, both in terms of tourism and the promotion of coral reefs, to attract more fish production," said Casanova.



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