The Margaritean galley loses one of its great exponents

José Isidoro “Choro” Vásquez, one of the bastions of composition and Folklore in the state of Nueva Esparta died this Thursday, October 12 because of covid-19.

A native of the San Antonio sector, García municipality, where he lived until his last breath, Vásquez, in addition to being a composer, stood out for his effortless execution of the cuatro, the mandolin, the guitar and the maracas, among other instruments.

He was named by the Institute of Cultural Heritage as "Carrier of Municipal Culture" of his hometown. He was one of the most vehement promoters of Margarita song and folklore. They are his authorship themes such as: "Las Golondrinas," Tortolita Sabanera ", A ti Madre", Mujer Sanantoñera ".

The director of Culture of the Nueva Esparta state, Héctor Casanova pointed out that “Choro” Vásquez had an unparalleled style of singing the galerón and his contributions to popular culture are infinite.

“In life we ​​pay tribute to him with the Culture and Recreation area of ​​the Plan 200 Carabobo, launched by the protector Dante Rivas, through which we dedicate a beautiful mural to him in the Plaza de San Antonio. May Choro Vásquez live forever, ”said Casanova.

Dante Rivas lamented the death of the popular cultist with a message spread on social networks. “Today we say goodbye with great sadness to the great teacher, musician, gallery owner and cultural heritage of our state, José Isidoro Vásquez. Will always remember you. Much strength to their relatives ”.

Pedro Marín Cardona, a resident of San Antonio, remembers that one of the traditions that the people of this town will never forget is the burning of the Judas at Easter, “where the Venezuelan spark came out with the reading of the will. Choro, as we used to affectionately tell him, is an open book for future generations. Those who have left a mark on this earthly world will not die forever. "



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