Noel Flores: Últimas Noticias is a newspaper that reached the heart of the town

When he doesn't sit down to read, he dedicates himself to helping his community and solving problems.

While walking the streets and sidewalks of his community, the community leader of the Los Guaritos 3 sector of the Alto de Los Godos parish in Maturín, Noel Flores, recounted his experience with the newspaper Últimas Noticias. For him, it is an easy-to-read means of communication that for years has kept the people informed of the most important events in the country.

He assured that in every Venezuelan home it is a tradition to read the newspaper every morning with a coffee, to which he expresses that “Últimas Noticias it is a newspaper that reached the heart of the people ”.

The community leader with more than 30 years of work in his community, occupying the communal council on several occasions, stated that this media for many years has been accompanying Venezuelan families in their democratic sentiment, offering in a neutral way news of collective interest.

To which he expressed that this means of communication became part of the Venezuelan because it shows day by day what the communities live, but above all it increases the hope of a better life.

He added that Últimas Noticias It not only provides information on the political, economic and community spheres, but also on scientific and entertainment issues. "It really is very rewarding to access this medium and spend a few hours scrutinizing the news."

He commented that it was common to sit in front of his house to read the newspaper, being accompanied by his family, neighbors and friends for more than 40 years, with whom he shared and discussed the news, but he said that the pandemic changed the dynamics a bit, since accustomed to newspaper has had to adapt to reading online.

He stressed that the web version is very dynamic and fresh, easy to use, even for elderly readers like him. "You can easily locate the news and offer other alternatives through social networks to access the information."

Mr. Flores, who deals every day in seeking solutions for the needs of his sector, argued that having a space for the information generated in the state of Monagas in a medium with national circulation, makes it a newspaper that is closer to residents of this region.

He described that after reading the headlines he immediately locates the selection of Pulso Regional to access the news of the Monagas state.

He thanked the directors, reporters and all the personnel involved in the edition of this national medium for the work they do on a daily basis, "the quality of their work is observed in each reading."

On this new anniversary, Mr. Flores congratulated all the staff of Últimas Noticias and he predicted many successes in the coming years, always hand in hand with the people.


Noel Flores, a community leader for more than 30 years, currently chairs the community council of the Los Guaritos 3 sector, in Alto de Los Godos parish, a position he has held for several periods. He claims to be a faithful follower of the legacy of President Hugo Chávez and a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Visit your community daily and attend to their demands.


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