Nina Miquilareno: A grandmother who learned to read with ÚN

Doña Nina, the happy woman from the bus, likes to sing.

“There are eight decades that the village newspaper has completed: Últimas Noticias. I was born and raised reading the newspaper that published information with shocking headlines. Unique in its style ”.

Remember Nina Miquilareno de Espejo, resident of Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda state, and a regular reader of the newspaper Últimas Noticias.
She assures that in her first years of life, her grandmother Juana Isabel Orta, who died and who raised her, taught her the vowels and the alphabet on the pages of the newspaper. Últimas Noticias.

She says that she cut out the letters from the newspaper and made words. “This is how I learned to read. At that time there were no cards ”, recalls the grandmother.

Comment what was Últimas Noticias the printed medium that stood out in the news related to the Second World War, on the information campaigns on the topics of health, education, among others.

Doña Nina remember that it was in Últimas Noticias where the workers' strike and the terrorist attacks against Rómulo Betancourt in 1960 were published. Through the newspaper, he assures, he was able to find out about all the events of the moment.

She considers that ÚN also made a difference in publishing complaints from the popular sectors and the feelings of the population. "The headlines of the news made us readers hooked on these popular expressions," says Miquilareno, who is a cultist in this town of Tuyo.

At 77 years old, Doña Nina remembers the moments of Cruz's wakes and assures that times have changed, since few people continue this tradition. Remember the inserts that were published, the Sunday magazine especially, and other supplements that were distributed with the newspaper.

Nina Miquilareno de Espejo maintains that Últimas Noticias It is an essential part of our customs and culture, due to its common style and different from other printed media.

She comments that with technological advances, Últimas Noticias has brought many benefits to its readers, especially for young people who require additional information on news events in real time.

"For a few years, the newspaper has been developing with the internet and that is positive for the new generations," she says, who does not let the moment pass and congratulates the journalists, photographers and all the newspaper's staff. Últimas Noticias, for the effort and perseverance, which despite the shortage of paper, continue to contribute to readers in general.

"With great professionalism Últimas Noticias It brings us up to date not only with information but also with technological trends. I wish you many more years of validity and success ”, she says.

Mother and music

Nina Miquilareno de Espejo was born on December 30, 1943, in Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda state. She was raised by her paternal grandmother, Juana Isabel Orta, who taught her to sing fulía, make and decorate the Holy Cross of May, and also to dance joropo. Also to pray in Catholic novenas. She is the mother of 9 children, of which 7 are alive. She raised two and helped train four nephews.

From a very young age he learned the art of gastronomy and immersed himself fully in the cultural note. He played four and guitar. He participated in dances and folkloric cultural events, native to the Mirandina region. He belonged to the Daughters of Mary Society in the ecclesiastical parish of San Diego de Alcalá, in Ocumare del Tuy. He studied at the Alberto Smith School and at the Juan Antonio Pérez Bonalde High School.

It still resides on the main avenue of the El Calvario sector, in Ocumare del Tuy, where it is known as La Propia del Calvario, for its jocularity and eloquence.

In picture, Nina Miquilareno de Espejo


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