New damages are reported in Anzoátegui due to rains

The Güere river overflowed in the early hours of this Sunday

The intense rains registered over the weekend in several areas of the Anzoátegui state left new effects on several communities.

This Sunday, residents of the indigenous community of Santa Fe de Píritu, reported that the Güere river overflowed in the early hours of the morning and although it only flooded a conuco of the La Sabrosura sector, four other families in El Tablero and three families in the main street are at risk of flooding.

The overflow of that river, which crosses several areas of the Píritu-Onoto highway in the western part of the state, wiped out the crops of María Portillo's family, who said that the water got into their property and their house at four in the morning.

The mayor of Piritu, Williams Petit reported that Civil Protection officials moved to the San Francisco parish of the jurisdiction.

While in the Naricual parish of the Bolívar municipality, the overflow of the Cerro Grande creek impacted some 12 homes, where about 54 people reside, according to reports from the state Fire Department.

In that rural area of ​​the capital municipality, another five sectors were affected by the Neverí flood registered this week and where two people, a 42-year-old man and a three-year-old girl, died carried away by the current.

The protector Luis José Marcano announced through social networks that they are building a dam "at the junction of the Neverí river and the relief channel to reduce the amount of water that goes to the center of Barcelona, ​​there are 8 thousand sandbags that we must place, we have almost 2.500 so far ”.

On the other hand, it was reported that officials of the integrated PC and Firefighters system are continuing the search for Wilmer Querecuto, 22, who disappeared in the waters of the Aragua River since six in the morning on Saturday, September 4.

The routes were resumed this Sunday from the El Viñedo sector, the place where the young man was last seen when he was trying to cross the riverbed, to the Gómez bridge located on the José Antonio Anzoátegui highway, on the Barcelona-Píritu road.

To date, more than 500 families in 20 sectors in five municipalities have been affected in the state and more than 400 people are kept in two shelters set up in Barcelona.

The water purification systems that were paralyzed on August 28 due to the turbidity of the river and then landslides in the Caratal canal that supplies raw water to the El Rincón and José Antonio Anzoátegui plants, began their startup this Sunday to supply to the residents of Barcelona, ​​Puerto La Cruz, Guanta and Lechería.



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