New ICU will benefit more than 110.000 patients in Guárico

It has 8 care areas where hospitalization and ventilatory support stand out

This Sunday in the state of Guárico, the Intensive Care Unit of the Dr. Rafael Zamora Arévalo Hospital was inaugurated, located in the city of Valle de la Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality, after completing the respective works of infrastructure conditioning and equipment provision.

This space will be available to more than 110.000 people from the Leonardo Infante municipality point and circle, who will be able to go to the facilities to receive medical care services.

This unit has 8 care areas where hospitalization and ventilatory support, medication preparation, pharmacy, infirmary, 2 rest areas for staff, teaching and administrative stand out, which will be available 24 hours a day, according to the information provided by the unique Guárico health authority, Dra. Rayner Rondón, during a presidential pass in the health balance offered by the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro.

Dr. Rondón, in the company of Néstor Contreras, director of the aforementioned hospital center, on behalf of the governor of the Llanera entity José Vásquez, pointed out that this is part of the investment planning in health carried out by the Bolivarian Government in the entity, mentioning that This space will benefit 43 health workers, including 2 internists, 17 resident doctors, 14 nurses, 5 security guards and 5 waitresses.

Among the equipments that were endowed, the following stand out: glera aspirators, defibrillator, transfer cylinders, infusion cylinders, anti-bedsore mattress equipment, clinical beds, ventilator cart, multiparameter monitors, portable laryngoscope and electrocardiogram, among others.

Regarding medical supplies, there are: compresses, central line catheter, enema, cotton, adhesive tapes, bandages, three-way stopcock, obturators, gauze, antibiotic, anxiolytic, dextrose solution, ringer solution, central venous catheter, endotracheal tube and sutures, among others.



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