National institutions deployed in Maneiro to serve the people

Photo: Courtesy Corpo Nueva Esparta

During this week, some 350 public servants from 49 institutions of the Bolivarian Government will be deployed in the Maneiro municipality of Nueva Esparta state to provide comprehensive care to the population in services, education, food and health, as part of the Carabobon 200 Plan.

The coordinator of the Plan in the Insular entity, Kendy Graterol, specified that in this first phase 32 communities of Maneiro will be served, with the support of 20 UBCH chiefs and 335 street leaders.

“We are going to comply with the instructions given by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, with great discipline, to avoid the spread of Covid, but the attention to our people does not stop. We will work with the areas that we prioritize to provide solutions to communities in matters such as health, food, services, and security. All those that have to do with recreation, sports or others in which people tend to crowd will remain for the next round of the plan, "he explained.

Graterol assured that - despite the quarantine and the difficulties that may arise - they will continue to serve the population in the most just and necessary way.

For her part, the protector of Maneiro, Kenia Herrera, expressed her joy at the arrival of the plan to the municipality. He indicated that in the first two days of the approach, they have been working with the services, the agri-food and productive part, delivering seeds and tools to farmers.

“Our fishermen are also being cared for. So far we have 115 fishermen registered with Insopesca and the Fisherman's Supply Office, which is also advising our three Conppas. We are serving the vulnerable sectors with the Water for My Community Plan, a very beautiful experience, giving answers by virtue of the pandemic issue that we are experiencing so that our communities can solve what is related to hygiene and cleanliness ”, he commented.

Additionally, the Pica and Pruning brigades of Corpoelec and Limpia-Limpia de Sanear have been deployed with their services in different sectors of the jurisdiction.

The Education field will be active with its house-to-house tours to register children in school, evaluate the creation of Simoncitos and environments of educational missions, taking training courses, the Ipasme health days goes to School and raising awareness about biosecurity measures .

More than 3.000 protein combos will be delivered. The tourist places of the municipality will be visited, the cultists will be attended and the office of Barrio Adentro de La Casitas will be rehabilitated.

The Animal Welfare area will be present with its activities on Saturday in the covered court of La Caranta, where the Popular Market will also be held.



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