Mother of the governor of the state Lara passed away

The Bolivarian mayors of the nine municipalities echoed with words of regret

This Sunday, April 11, it was known of the death of Wenceslaa del Carmen Antique, mother of the current Governor of the Lara state and also, Vice-Admiral Adolfo Pereira Antique.

Minister A / J Carmen Meléndez, from the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace issued a notice of heartfelt condolences and solidarity for the physical departure of Pereira's mother, who became her successor to the position of state president, in October 2020.

The Bolivarian mayors and mayors of the nine municipalities that make up the entity, likewise, echoed with words of regret towards the head of the Larense Executive, as well as councilors and councilors and among other public and private institutions of the Larense task, the members of the popular environmental movement of Valle del Turbio. 



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